4 weeks!*

April 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Total Purchases: cat food, breakfast cereal, fruit and veg (good) oh and a paper (not so good as definitely not essential, or even interesting as it turned out)

Total Cafe trips: 1 (but I was recovering from the mystery illness that resulted in 12 hours sleeping the night before, and cat food is heavy)

Best comment about my cooking: “so, you’ve got your cooking mojo back then?” (not quite full strength, but I’m working on it)

The most I can remember about yesterday is being thwarted on trip to allotment by whingey tired child. Just when I’d uncovered a whole heap of bindweed roots.  And then later being very tired and whingey myself and sleeping lots.

So today I’ve taken it easy, succumbed to my cafe weakness (without children, luxury) and started whittling down that washing up pile again.  Oh, and did some more “letters”.

This particular project started a while ago with my 4 year old’s interest in the concept of alphabet (as opposed to just letters) and I thought “I know, I should buy him an alphabet frieze or poster or something”.  Then (this was in the run up to lent) I realised my first reaction was to BUY something.  So instead of lining the pockets of the bus company yet again) and Early Learning Centre, I decided to combine the concept with my kids insatiable appetite to craft.  For some reason, I did the upper case first**, cut out of pizza boxes (from the birthday party that I never got around to blogging about) and mainly decorated by letting them stick bits of cut up (used) wrapping paper on them (I have a box of pre cut approximate shapes – this is the kind of reason my washing up pile is so big) plus a bit of felt tip (including the oh so cute turning the O into a railway circuit by drawing a track on it). They’ve been up along one wall of their room a while.

This week we’re decorating the lower case ones.  Most of them were painted (which combined nicely with a mixing paint experiment which may, if I’m lucky slow down the “what happens if you mix red and yellow and red” type questions we’ve had a lot of of late).  But one empty cereal box was not enough, so today I cut out the rest of the alphabet and some were decorated with painting pencils (as inherited the other week, a new concept for the children that bought me 20 mins relative peace). I stuck a ribbon across the wall first as a line, so I could sit or stand the letters on it as appropriate (one initial in our house is P and I’ve been questioned on the difference between big P and little p).

I would love to put a  picture up when it’s all finished, but I have to find/acquire a new camera to computer lead first as I lost ours the other week (the same day as I lost a coat).  On the flip side, I manage to realise I was about to loose another coat the other day and retrieve it, and accuire a printer (and buying a new lead clearly uses less of the worlds resources than a printer).

On the inspirational things front, I haven’t done any more reading, in part due to excessive sleeping (although did wish I had the book with me today instead of the paper I bought). I have been pointed today in the direction of an internet course http://scienceblogs.com/casaubonsbook/2011/04/what_is_adapting_in_place.php (apologies, can’t get that to link right now, will try and correct later), which looks interesting but don’t think I have the time to commit to such a course at no notice right now – but I’ll keep an eye out for when they finish writing the book as the I like the sound of the idea.  That website in turn pointed me in the direction of an interesting looking blog I may browse more in future http://adaptinginplace.blogspot.com/2008/12/introductory-post.html (same problem with link) from someone who is clearly more insane than me, as well as determined not to live in a yurt (or 4 acre off grid homestead as they more practically put it).

Phew, when you put it like that, maybe I didn’t have such a low key day after all.


*the exclamation mark mainly denotes my happiness that I’ve got the timeframes down to small numbers that I can remember again. Think I’ll go modul0 7 (i.e weeks and days) from now on.

**apparently this is not considered best practise and you should really teach kids lower case letters first. I can kind of see the logic in this, but mine started out on the first letters of their names (especially important at Christmas time so you know which parcel is for you), the first letters of names of others in the household (they’re not entirely selfish), the letters of buses, street signs (pokeable/traceable height once you can walk) and the sign next to the push chair space on the bus that’s all about “wheelchair users” – all of which are examples of  upper case letters so that’s what they learnt to recognise first.


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