Day X+2

April 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

Total purchases: bus ticket, groceries (good)

Butternut squash seeds planted: 5 (good)

REAL hot cross buns consumed: 1 and a bit (extremely good)

fairly successful children’s group activities run: 1 (good)


Today has been calmer (although still had an over 5 minute tantrum about cushions, but I did get an unprompted apology at a random time afterwards).  I even briefly saw the bottom of the washing up pile.  Think I may be marshaling my paperclips into some semblance of order.  Albeit my mind has not been occupied overly with “higher things”, but after yesterday, I’m not complaining.

I realise as I try and recall todays purchases that I’ve bought bus tickets again.  I do that a lot.  Before children I would have cycled into town, but their weight combined with that of the trailer is getting far too heavy.  Plus I was never really confident negotiating the on road route to town with a trailer.  And it’s too far for at least one of them to walk.

When you live somewhere like I do that’s large enough to be a city,  but not large enough to have a decent public transport system, it can be frustrating if you have small children.  Lots of people I know take their children to the beach, or to the forest, or to the place with the woodland walks and the climbing frames. I don’t blame them for one minute, they are all lovely places to go.   They go in their cars.  I have been to all these places in cars too. I can get to the beach by public transport, but it’s a day trip. The forest I don’t think is possible. The woodland walks are again a day trip and involve a 45 minute walk along country roads with no pavements.  It’s slightly ironic that the “green” things to do with your children around here need a car.

Of course, there are other good things to do without even using a bus or train, let alone a car.  A lot of which I do do. Today  I was heartened to find out just how wriggly, can’t keep still, big grin, animated talking, jiggly excited they both were about planing butternut squash seeds. From looking at the packet, working out what the picture was on, discussing how it was one of the ingredients of “rocket stew”, finding the pots, adding the earth, watering, examining the seed and discussing it’s size, planting, positioning on their window sill to making some labels from a cut up milk bottle. It was all extremely exciting for them.   And hence for me.  Lets just hope we get more than 1 1/2 fruit this year!



§ 2 Responses to Day X+2

  • Alice Y. says:

    What do you use for plant food for your squashes? I think they are quite hungry and I start them off with a good bucket or two of compost, then add seaweed feed fortnightly or so.
    Do you fertilize the flowers with a paintbrush? Sometimes that can help start fruit if lack of pollinators might be a prob.
    Big sympathies on the car-dependent culture. “Hey ho, we will probably live to see the end of it?” – not sure if that is a good attitude or now. I like to think we are leaving convenience culture before the rush 😉

  • “I like to think we are leaving convenience culture before the rush” – that’s a nice soundbite Alice! I certainly can’t see a way of our societies current level of car use continuing in the future. Did you ever read a childrens book called “Hollow Land”, think that was my first exposure to the idea of peak oil as a child.

    Re squashes, probably I didn’t feed them much at all apart from starting off with good compost. Our allotment attempts were quite sporadic last year, for a variety of reasons.

    If I get a couple of seedlings, I’m going to try putting one in the compost pile we inherited with the plot. I’m a bit dubious about using it as I’m not sure how many weed seeds it contains, but I’ve seen squashes grown in what looked like a bag of compost inside a compost bin by someone else on our allotment site and they looked happy.

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