Day X*

March 30, 2011 § 2 Comments

Total purchases: 1 daily bus pass, veg, cake and drink (good)

Total futile trips across town with fretting child and heavy boots to fantastic independent cobblers that laudably shuts on a Wednesday afternoon: 1 (v bad, especially as I should have known it was shut and  it nearly made me late to pick up the other child)


Had a lovely time at our brand new food shop and cafe today, The Real Food Store, that came out of Transition Exeter.  It was absolutely heaving with people and I saw lots more peering in windows from the street (not sure why you’d be too shy to go in a shop and have a proper nosy, but hey).  Many of those inside were familiar faces. The onsite bakery made the shop smell divine too and it was nice to be able to buy some local veg when the farmers market isn’t on (without a trek to the best wholefood shop in Exeter, Seasons, which is  just outside the city centre).  It wont be transforming my shopping habits though, as the shop stock tended towards the expensive (if fantastically tasty) treat, rather than the kind of thing I can afford to put on my table every day.

I had a nice lunch bought for me by one of those faces in the upstairs cafe (there I go in cafe land again) and was really impressed with how efficient the service was considering it was their first day and it was so busy.  It was hard to eat with a large child sleeping on my lap (an unexpected event that probably can be construed as an emergency to justify the trip), however that did mean we could put the world to rights without interruption, which was great fun! Our discussions ranged across feminism, religion, non violent direct action, political engagement, time constraints, economics, parenthood and beyond.  If  I could guarantee that kind of conversation every time I’d be there every week!

It’s also inspired me to do a bit more reading of my lent book, which has slid a bit with all that’s been going on the past week or so (and to think I was having to strictly ration myself at the beginning I was so keen). If only because I’ve been highly recommended another book, The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better and better still I’ve been offered it on loan so I don’t have to worry about how to procure a copy before the end of lent.



*ok, so I’ve lost count and cant be bothered to work it out.  Counting is for computers.  If you’re really that worried about it, then this simple formula should help:  X = 30th March – 9th March + 1**.

**Now I’ve put it like that it does seem a bit pathetic not to write the value of X, but I like X’s and I miss seeing them around these days.


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