Half Way?

March 29, 2011 § 3 Comments

Total purchases: 0 (second day in row, very commendable)

Number of muddy knees: 2

Things planted at allotment: leeks, brocolli, cauliflower (good, if slightly random in execution, due to being assisted by 3 under 5’s!)

Quality time with family and friends: lots (very good)

No of people inspired to do planting soon: 1-3, depending on how you count (good).


Fairly obvious there what I’ve been doing today then.  Luckily the threatened rain held off.  I also had a request for a brief summary of my lent challenge half way through for the sustainable consumerism page.  Hmm, first draft not so brief, so I’ll put it here instead and try again!

Buy Nothing: Except the Obvious.  My thoughts half way through.

Despite my taking the mickey out of myself, I don’t buy that much excess “stuff” regularly (although I do tend to splurge sometimes), so cutting it out hasn’t been that much of a problem. But working out what “the obvious” is is a bit harder, as it’s all subjective.  I could in theory cut down to “(basic) food, water & shelter”, but I can’t just step away from my life, the mortgage, bills, children, commitments.  So it’s all up to interpretation.  Then you have to walk the tightrope between bogging yourself down in self imposed rules, or not thinking too much and acting as normal.

Visitng family and friends at first was wierd, as in some ways I had less to buy, but in others there were expectations (driving there, eating out a lot, even ironing), that meant I had to compromise what felt right (especially in the difficult circumstances of our trip to a family funeral).

Back in the everyday, I think I’m doing ok.  I certainly haven’t gone for groceries and come back with highlighter pens and a new top.  In fact, stuff wise, the only physical thing I think I’ve bought is a 2nd hand bike for my son, which was on the cards anyway.  Oh, and some seeds (see how easy it is to forget).  But on the cafe’s front I’m doing less well – again mainly due to interactions with others and social expectations. Maybe a hard and fast rule would be easier here.

I have times when I feel the “buying any food is ok” is a cop out – I may work on this one.

Also, I’m currently contemplating a challenge from an inspiring friend, who with the help of ecocel (http://www.christian-ecology.org.uk/n88.htm) is trying to cut her carbon foot print to a sustainable level over a 5 year time table, currently this is about 15% of the UK average (she’s at about 45%). It’s such a simple, obvious thing that we all clearly need to do in the medium term that I feel on a moral level that I should just sign up now. The rest of me is still cogitating and trying to catch up with that sentiment.


§ 3 Responses to Half Way?

  • Alice Y. says:

    Well done blogger! I am enjoying hearing about your progress.

    I can see the argument against using cafes but I also think that people raising small children have a hard row the way our society is organized. Eating and drinking as part of being sociable with others can be an important part of keeping parents of young folks somewhere near sanity.

    I was thinking about how I make changes and read an article in a magazine recently (they were talking about food choices) where you write all the things you feel good about choosing on one side of the paper, and all the things you feel bad about choosing on the other side, and other things you aspire toward but don’t do, at the bottom of the paper. Then review every once in a while to check you are gradually choosing more from the list you feel good about, and the list you aspire towards.

    I suppose I am rambling towards something about my own strategies for changing my habits. My strategy is ‘slow and steady’, I think because I just find it very hard to make changes stick. I get the impression many people can build something into a routine after a dozen repeats but I think for me it’s more like 250-1000 repetitions before I have enough access to the pathway.

  • Liv says:

    Carrots, onions, sunflowers planted. Have 10 inspiration points missy. x

  • @Liv, you make me blush! Also, well done you. I found some seeds from last years stash too (hangs head in shame at not looking there before shopping spree, but mainly different things), so if you want any beans, or several other things, I can let you have some (ooer misses).

    @Alice – I have to persuade myself that your paper exercise is good idea (which I’m intellectually fairly sure it is) as my gut reaction is “eurgh, horrible work training type thing that I have gladly left behind!”. I think that the selfish part of my reason for blogging is that it makes me consider and reflect on what I’m doing – all good things on the path to a better me. It’s a bit like my experience of having to write lecture notes for an absent friend to copy, rather than just yourself, the concentration and quality improved dramatically! Any readers of this blog are an added bonus/worry/surprise/source of perplextion

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